We are industry leaders in discovering fresh and untouched talents.

Founder & Executive Director

Nishant Jadhwani

Nishant founded Adore in August 2018 with a vision for doing something for the youth.

Chief operations officer

Rahul Panjabi

Rahul is working in the industry from past 15 years and his day-to-day work consists of getting in touch with new clients and proposing new ideas for the company.

Empty Team
Vice-President and Administrator

Vraj Makwana

Vraj is the right-hand man to Nishant. He is the person who will become best friends with you on day 1.

Photographer and Creative Head

Rahul KV

Rahul KV or Anna, as we know him is our incredible in-house visionary photographer from the down south state of Kerala.

Nishant Jadhwani

-Founder & C.E.O

Nishant founded Adore in January 2019 with a vision for doing something for the youth. He originally acquired the idea in college, and got inspired from that point on. In pursuit of his plan, he began to assist casting directors for three years and worked on films and like Rock On 2, Dear dad and various advertisements as a casting assistant. He had been passionate about movies ever since he was in high school, and it was from that point he knew he wanted to work in the acting industry. He had trained from Jeff Goldberg for acting, but rather than being an actor, he wanted to create success stories for others. Hence, he chose to start Adore Models, a modeling agency curated and personalised at each level so that the one's who deserve may finally have a chance to achieve their dreams. Nishant is a really strong believer of hard work and being passionate about every aspect of his work. He overlooks all the operations of the business, the process of hiring new talent, overlooking the production of content, photo shoots, actively marketing the company, and creating an outline for the future of the company.


Rahul Panjabi

-Chief operations officer & Marketing:

Rahul has been working in the industry for the past 15 years. He is one of the core members of our team and just like our agency, he is extremely Adore-able. The knowledge and guidance that he has imparted to our agency has been the road map to our success. He is an amazing leader, friend, and teacher. His day-to-day work consists of getting in touch with new clients and proposing new ideas for the company. His basic responsibilities include reaching out to the existing and potential clients, giving the exposure that our company requires.

Vraj Makwana

-Vice-President and Administrator

Vraj is the right-hand man to the founder of the agency as it is his job to oversee every office work that goes in and out. He manages casting, clientele, and models. A bearded guy with a melodic voice ever ready to take on any challenge and is always there as a support system for the company. He is the manager of the HR department and is the perfect man for the job because he is known for always being super friendly. Being the Vice-President of our company, he oversees servicing, supervises the interns and the logistics of the office. He is way too humble and patient, so piss him off all you want, just kidding.


Rahul KV

-Photographer and Creative Head

One may always see him with his air-pods on editing pictures and working on mood boards in one corner of the office. His angles, his editing and his steady grip on the camera will make even the most unattractive object look like art. If you want to learn the South-Indian culture or their language, he is the best person to go to.